Love's Healing Reading Room

Invitation to the launch

12 noon to 4 pm

The official opening of
Love’s Healing Reading Room

A home for POETS, storytellers AND bookworms

You are invited to join the celebrations and launching of Love’s Healing Reading Room — a remarkably unique treasure bestowed upon us by the late George Finney Linn, III.

As many of you know, George loved and cared deeply for everyone. As such, it is through his generosity of his spirit, that we are now the recipients of this lovely offering.

Nestled in the hills of the Ottawa Valley, in Old Killaloe, the reading room is home to George’s lifelong book collection—poetry to delight, as well as a vast array of other topics—all of which called out to him in one way or another throughout his lifetime.

George felt that books were his friends, and now, his dream has come true — to be able to share his friends with you.

Please RSVP at We look forward to being with you on September 22, 2018.