Love's Healing Reading Room


Love’s Healing Reading Room.


Welcome to Love’s Healing Reading Room—a home for poets, storytellers and bookworms.

The reading room is a unique treasure bestowed upon us by the late George Finney Linn, III.

Nestled in the hills of the Ottawa Valley in Old Killaloe, the reading room is home to George’s lifelong book collection and covers a vast array of topics—all of which called out to him in one way or another throughout his lifetime.


During her visit, Sandra Gulland was inspired to write this blog post about the Reading Room.

“A wonderful place to think, being already so full of the thoughts of others.”  Wayne Grady, July 2017

“Books, words, ideas, love — all palpable here — thank you.”  Merilyn Simonds, July 2017

“What a wonderful place and book collection. I will be back.” Sandra Gulland, July 2017

An Ode to Love’s Healing Reading Room

Love’s Healing Reading Room opening celebration, September 22, 2018

A compilation and remix of words and phrases from launch participants, as well as published authors and poets.
Assembled by Andy Trull.
For Love’s Healing Reading Room, Sept 22, 2018

Yet love, mere love, is beautiful indeed —Elizabeth Barrett Browning

A life lived like a story

under the umbrella sky
elm and maple canopy

a holy man leaves blank pages

garden flowers for the soul

where weeds and groves in solemn grandeur rise

simple beauty
the relation of all loves
and all love’s relations

for passion is the job

threading time and space
like words in a perfect sentence

an angel pulls the pencil from behind your ear
alighting goosebumps on your temples

temples of goosebumps and gooseberries

there is so much beauty everywhere
some much to drink in
drunk with peace
drunk with truth

the sacred
joyous grief
of dissembling

for our skin is our frontier
our life’s a border
a round path of strawberry fields

assembling and dissembling
the interests of all relations
in this garden of love and light

lest you forget you are a californian
a cauliflowerian
a leapfrogging legend

for we are all from
some place

lest we forget
ohio, kingston, kilalloe
turtle island
subatomic sitting rooms

rooms to sit
and read
be still
until you are ready to rise

click your heels three times and sing

there is no place like home
there is no place like home
there is no place